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DXSpider Filter Examples (thanks to Charlie, K1XX and

For full details see:

The basic format for a spot filter is: 
accept/spots <pattern>
reject/spots <pattern>

Basically these are the 2 type you will use. You can think of them like this. accept = I want to see the spots reject = I do NOT want to see the spots. Pretty simple.

Here are a couple of filters that I personally use.

accept/spots by_zone 3,4,5 <--I will only see spots that are generated from these zones. I don't need to see someone in EU spotting someone in China.

accept/spots by_state wi,il,mn,mi <--I want only to see spots that were generated from these states.
Remember, spots "by" means callsign of the station doing the spotting, the spotter.
"Call" on the other hand refers to the call, zone, state of station being spotted, the spottee. The syntax here is:
call_zone   - the spottee's zone
call_dxcc   - the spottee's country
call_state   - the spottee's state
Now, on to some simple examples.
accept/spots by_dxcc w,ve <--- spots only by W & VE stations
accept/spots by_zone 5 <--- spots only by stations in Zone 5
accept/spots by_state wi <--- spots only by stations in WI
reject/spots call_dxcc G <--- I don't want to see G stations spotted
reject/spots call_zone 14 <--- No spots of stations in Zone 14
reject/spots call_state wi <--- Please, no more spots of Wisconsin stations
If you want to get rid of a filter, use 
Spot filters remain on a DXSpider node until you clear them out. No need to re-enter the same filter each time you log in.