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7800 User Manual

7800 Service Manual

7700 User Manual

7700 Service Manual


7800/7700 Firmware

DSP Settings

Press SET > LEVEL, then scroll up to SSB TX Tone (Bass); rotate the main tuning dial to set the Bass to -2 for starters (-4 if using the PR-40 or similar mic with lots of bass response). Now press the down arrow to select SSB TX Tone (Treble), and rotate the main tuning dial to set it to +5.

Now set the transmit bandwidth (either with compression on or off) to Wide, and transmit while you listen to yourself in the monitor receiver. Depending on the mic you’re using, you may want to adjust either the Treble or Bass to get the kind of sound you’re looking for in the “Wide” bandwidth, which you’ll use for high-fidelity operating (rag-chews, etc.). Once you get the “Wide” bandwidth set, press and hold in the COMP key to try the “MID” bandwidth, then the “NAR” bandwidth. Odds are that, once you have “WIDE” set OK, the other two will be fine.

When you have the speech processor engaged (“COMP ON”), set the compression level for about 5 dB of compression on voice peaks.